Storing electronic components correctly and make them available to the assembly lines on time when needed is the first priority to achieve a quality production at competitive prices.

An advanced software control also ensures the components´ traceability during product´s lifetime.

ESSEBI is equipped with a vertical automatic warehouse system that allows optimizing the available space and at the same time reduces the working times, with a consequent decrease of the cost of the final product and a real reduction of mismatch risks during assembly.

The integrated management system directly transfers production orders and product requirements in automatic warehouse software that collects information and provides the operators with the necessary components very quickly without possibility of errors, thanks to the double verification level, to the BOM´s control versions and to the tracking software.

For Moisture Sensitive Components we also have a Hygro-thermostatic controlled integrated warehouse sector, able to meet the highest quality standards and to store ODD-Form components while ensuring the FIFO procedure.