A product intended for an evolved market, typical for our customers, must comply with the specifications, strictly respect industry standards and ensure a defect-free commissioning, respecting  timetables and without side drawbacks.

ESSEBI develops, alone or in CoDesign with the customers, the complete finale testing cycle, starting from the validation test to the configuration and burn-in of the product, including localization and packaging.

When the customer asks for it, ESSEBI´s technical department also offers a specific support for DFM (Design for Manufacturability) and DFT (Design for Testability) in the mechanical, electronic and pneumatic areas and, for the final phase, the study of DPF (Design for Packaging) optimized for both logistics and costs.

The strict testing policy of the company  give us loyalty for  customers used to work an sophisticated markets such as banks applications  or markets that require solid products to operate in the field even in unfavourable environmental conditions, like fixed and mobile cash registers and fiscal printers.

Electronic production lines are equipped with the latest generation parametric testing systems (SPEA, HP, OMRON e TEC) and customized systems for functional tests required by customer specifications.

The final Electro-Mechanic production operate wih internally developed equipment or in Co-design with the customer and by use of specific software tools. The data resulting from the testing cycle are stored on specific  servers according to customer requirements and specifications, and the personnel working in these functions are constantly educated about their role responsibility.

The entire ESSEBI´s production is checked in the San Bernardo d´Ivrea facility by local technicians with a specific backround.