First contact of materials with ESSEBI:  goods in process  or products´ storage incoming in  warehouse, DDT uploading in the internal information system.  Incoming inspection by clear steps to ensure compliance with specifications of goods just received.

A very important and sensitive process, checking  to the smallest detail in order to ensure that the successive production steps can continue to operate smoothly.

It´s in this area materials are driven to the different operative units: to the Ivrea plant or, through the ESSEBI´s specialized logistics, to the Romanian plant in order to  produce subassemblies in SBR Infomechanical facility.

ESSEBI is equipped with dedicated areas, addressed vertical storage warehouse and on the ground warehouses capable of handling all types of proposed products, from the smallest and more sensitive to mechanical carpentry, from modular plastics containers to cardboard packaging of the finished product.

The incoming inspection´s section is strategically placed near the goods in logistics area and can assess the conformity of products received  in all the different technological aspects involved and, according to internal or customer´s specifications, to authorize the product´s acceptance or issuing a non-compliance.

At  the end of the production cycle the final products are shipped all over the world by ESSEBI, cutting down the costly transition to the customer trademark storage. This target has been reached by the high level of reliability that the logistic section acquired over the years, thanks  to the meticulous care put in the preparation of additional equipment, technical documentation, manuals and last but very important, the packaging and protections´ quality.