The Mechanic Business Unit is the historical core business on which ESSEBI has built its profile of technological, structural and logistical trustworthy company.

From final products assembly and configuring  to complex subassemblies manufacturing for leading companies care to details, innovative support capabilities, in-depth industry knowledge and compliance on scheduled are clear rules and absolute commitment.

Reduced and fixed times to test and assembly, along with the ability to manage  subcontractors independently, the qualitative and quantitative control of moulded parts coming from the thermoplastic moulding and the creation of assembly and testing lines, specific and optimized for each product, ensure real costs ‘ reduction.

For tasks that involve installation of complex parts whose calibration is inherently difficult, most of effectiveness depend on the careful design and planning of  assembly benches and design of necessary tools. In this sector our intervention, driven by experiences on complex products, ESSEBI experience is targeted to optimize  cost-benefit ratio without neglecting the rigorous pursuit of monitored and constant quality.

Deep knowledge in  mechanical Co-design support, acquired during the thirty-years ESSEBI´s experience,  allow company  to provide a valuable service both for the life cycle and for  on field maintainability of many products and, in many cases, has reached significant reductions in terms of production costs and final tests process.